Footage Shows Fired Las Vegas Officer Slamming Woman Onto Car Hood

After former police officer Richard Scavone pleaded guilty to use of excessive force earlier this week, the Las Vegas police department have released the body cam footage that shows him forcing her to the ground and slamming her against the hood of his police car.

In January 2015, Scavone arrested Amanda Vizcarrondo-Ortiz, allegedly for littering and loitering. When she swore at him during the arrest, he threatened her with a taser, told her he was “going to dump [her] on the floor in a minute,” and asked her, “Who the hell you think you’re talking to?”

In the body cam video of the event, released to the public this week, Scavone then pushes the woman to the ground, slaps her in the face, slams her face into the hood of his car, twice, pulls her hair, and grabs her by the neck.

When Scavone reaches into her blouse and Vizcarrondo-Ortiz attempts to squirm free, he slams her face against the hood of the car, saying loudly, “Never pull away from me!”

During the assault, Vizcarrondo-Ortiz can be heard screaming, clearly terrified. She alleges that she has “permanent face, neck and back injuries” because of the assault.

In February 2016, she filed a civil rights lawsuit against the LVMPD. Scavone was also fired and indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of excessive force and obstruction of justice.

Scavone has plead guilty to both charges, and he faces up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine. As part of his plea deal, he will not be able to work with law enforcement in the future.

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