Disney Launches Range Of Wedding Dresses—Take A Look At All 14


Growing up we have all had our fair share of fantasies. Generally, boys have wanted to be fierce warriors while girls would want to be dainty princesses. Either choice would do just fine but very rarely do we see modern day knights in shining armor or actual princesses with their royal entourage.

But apparently dreams DO come true, well, so far only in Japan, and you too can become a princess or a prince!

Disney has revealed their new line of wedding dresses with some of them featuring princesses from their fairy tales.

Disney decided to collaborate with a Japanese wedding company called Kuraudia Co and came out with a line of 14 wedding dresses.


But six of those wedding dresses features princesses in Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty or Aurora, Snow White and Cinderella.

Snow WhiteMirror

So prospective brides can dress up as their favorite princess for their wedding day and their grooms can even get a Prince Charming tux to match!


However, if for some reason you decide to want to keep the gowns, they are actually not for sale. The gowns are only for rent and cannot be purchased. The dresses are approximately $3,600 and the Prince Charming tux is around $900 for rent.


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