Young Girl Sings One Of World’s Hardest Songs—Two Notes In, The Judges Leap Out Of Their Seats

Admit it, when you are in the shower you think you can sing like Whitney Houston. Most of us, if not all, do it. But some of us actually have incredible voices. Serena Rigacci is one of those people. Growing up her dream was to perform Whitney Houston’s song “I Will Always Love You” in front of a large audience. Eventually, that dream became a reality. She got the opportunity to perform that song with an audition on the reality talent show Next Star.

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The time finally came. Serena was ready for her big break, standing in the middle of the stage. As she began to sing the famous song, lights began flickering down the stage, resembling falling rain. She only sang about two words and the judges were already completely blown away with her voice and the emotions behind the words. The audience couldn’t agree more with the judges.

Everyone in that room was in complete awe from her gorgeous voice and general performance. The entire audience was shouting “bravo” throughout the entire performance. People forgot that this girl is still only a child, but not even most adults are able to gain the skills that this girl has. She truly gave an incredible first impression.

Even her outfit was matching her out of this world performance, wearing a pale pink, lace dress. Both the film and audio crew on the talent show were able to capture this girl’s beautiful voice and all the emotions she put in her performance. Again, it’s hard to believe that this girl is so incredibly young.

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