Woman Heard Making Terrifying Threats Hours Before Las Vegas Massacre


Last weekend, chaos, devastation and death descended upon the Las Vegas strip. It was during a country concert venue outdoors on the strip when a gunman opened fire on the crowd of more than 22,000 people. So far, 59 people have died (including the killer) and more than 500 others are hurt from gunshot wounds and/or from being trampled.

Stephen Paddock has been identified as the killer and he shot himself before police could reach him.

But eyewitnesses have revealed that a Hispanic couple warned the crowd of the impending massacre.

According to a report from the Star, an eyewitness claims that a Hispanic couple was escorted out of the festival for disrupting the people around her.

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Apparently, the couple was telling a woman in front of them that they were all going to die. It is unclear whether or not she was trying to warn the concert-goers or if she was a part of the attack.


The woman was allegedly extremely disruptive and was harassing those around her so the security guards had to escort her and a male companion out.


About 10 to 15 minutes later, gunshots began to ring out around the venue and many people thought it was pyrotechnics or fireworks before fleeing on foot, leaving many injured and trampled.

ABC NewsABC News

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