Entire Island Evacuated As Volcano Is Set To Erupt Imminently


A small island in the South Pacific ocean is being evacuated, as a volcano within the island’s center is ready to erupt at any moment. The island being evacuated with the aid of the Red Cross is called Ambae, which is an island within the Republic of Vanuatu.

Some 6000 residents of the island were evacuated to emergency shelters earlier this week when the volcano began to show more signs of activity. Now, officials within the Republic of Vanuatu with the help of the Red Cross are ordering a full-scale evacuation of the island.  This evacuation will displace a good 11,000 people who live on the island currently.

On Thursday, September, 28th, the volcano began spewing ash, acid rain, and bits of rock from within its core, endangering the people of Ambae. Now, it looks like the volcano may erupt at any moment.

The volcano on the island is called Manauro Voui, which is reported to be the name of an ancient guardian of the island.

A lot of smoke, hot debris, and some lava have been spotted emerging from the Volcano over the last few days. The ash clouds are getting so bad, that it’s hard to see on some parts of the island. 

Residents are displaced as evacuations begin on the island with the help of the red cross. They are being relocated to the larger island within the Republic of Vanuatu.

Families cling together as they leave behind all of their belongings and livelihood. The fate of their homes is not yet determined as the volcano prepares to erupt.

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