Eerie First Look Inside Las Vegas Gunman’s Hotel Room

Recent-leaked photos of the Las Vegas shooter’s hotel room have confounded Vegas police and driven public speculation about the act of terror. The photos show the Mandalay Bay room from which Stephen Paddock opened fire on Sunday night, killing 58 attendees at a music festival across the street.

Paddock reportedly used multiple automatic and semi-automatic weapons during the shooting, which lasted for ten minutes and injured over 500. 72 minutes after the shootings began, a SWAT team broke down the door of his hotel room. Paddock turned his gun on himself, and he was pronounced dead by the time the officers were able to break in.

And a set of images released on October 4th show the crime scene, including Paddock’s body. In a Tuesday conference, Undersheriff Kevin McMahill confirmed that the photos were real, and said that the police had started an internal probe to “determine the source of the leaks of those photos to the public.”

Photographs of the entrance show bullet holes in the bottom of the door, confirming that Paddock attempted to shoot at the officers before they entered the room. 

There is debris on the floor from the SWAT team’s forced entry, and the hole in the door shows one of Paddock’s many automatic weapons propped up on a bipod on the floor. 

One of the most shocking images shows Paddock’s body on the floor, two guns lying next to his feet and spent casings strewn around him. 

While the pictures are all fairly blurry, there is a white object on his bedside table that may be a note. Police have not yet indicated whether a note was found and, as of yet, the public knows little about Paddock’s possible motives.

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