Dad Of Toddler Hit By Foul Ball At Yankee Stadium Speaks Out


Geoffrey Jacobson was out at a baseball game with his daughter when a freak accident occurred. Geoffrey took his now two-year-old toddler to the Yankee stadium to watch the baseball game when a foul ball smashed her in the face. The 105 mile per hour foul ball ended up breaking her nose and also causing several facial fractures.

The fractures were so bad that it caused her eyes to swell shut.

The young girl has now returned home but her condition remains ‘serious.’

Geoffrey’s daughter was struck by a foul ball in the fifth inning of the Yankees game against the Minnesota Twins on September 20th.


He says that he is ‘fortunate’ to have his daughter return back home but the young girl, who just turned 2 this week, had to spend five days at the New York Hospital before being released on September 25th.


Her condition so far remains serious and her vision is still impaired. Surgery could be required in the future.

In an interview with the Times, Geoffrey said: ‘while there are numerous medical follow-ups and some remaining medical questions to be answered, we can’t ignore how fortunate we are that our little girl is home.’


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