Photographer Finds Run-Down House In The Woods, Discovers Something Uplifting Inside

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With everything that’s going on these past few dies around violence, shootings, and killings, everyone needs to hear some positivity. This story, in particular, is sure to shed some light on some darkness that’s going on.

These stories prove that though the world can be bad, there’s still a lot of good. Meet Leslie David from Ontario, Canada. She’s a photographer who loves taking photos of abandoned houses in her town.

While on one of her searches for abandoned homes, Leslie found a house with a broken roof. She entered the home the same way she enters any other abandon home. Leslie didn’t think she would discover what she did.

She discovered that the house was actually inhabited by a man named Lawrence. He had been living in the house for a while. All alone.

Lawrence is missing his right eye, has difficulty getting around and spends most of his time alone in the house. But he was so kind in welcoming Leslie into his home, allowing her to take his picture.

Leslie had returned a few days later, bringing Lawrence food and drinks with her. She would spend time with Lawrence, eating with him and having great conversations.

He even shared his life story with Leslie. She helped clear out most of the trash from the home and even helped him repair a few things by the end of the summer.

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