Naked Mona Lisa By Da Vinci Discovered In France

A recent discovery in the Conde Museum (Musée Condé) art collection has revealed a charcoal drawing with a very striking resemblance to the Mona Lisa that may have actually been done by Leonardo Da Vinci himself. The connection was made when the charcoal drawing recently came up during the museum’s recent appraisal of their art.

The painting, titled ‘Joncande Nu’ and ‘Monna Vanna’ is a charcoal drawing that features a very similar looking face to that of the Mona Lisa, and even has nearly the exact same hand gestures as the famous painting. Experts agree that the similar whimsy of the Mona Lisa can also be seen in this woman’s gestures.

The exact identity of the Mona Lisa has been a matter of speculation for years. The identity of this charcoal drawing is also believed to be that of Lisa Gherardini who has been speculated to be the Mona Lisa, which may shed more light on the mystery of the iconic figure’s identity.

Experts believe the drawing may have actually been done by one of Leonardo’s students, as the sketching done on the top right of the drawing is supposedly done by someone who was right-handed. Leonardo was famously left-handed. However, further analysis of the drawing may indicate that Leonardo added his own touches to the drawing.

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