Man Buys An Old ‘Walmart’ Store To House His Car Collection

While most of us need to hide our piles of Star Wars memorabilia or D&D books under the bed when guests come over, one proud nerd found an ingenious solution to his storage problem – just buy an old Wal-Mart to keep it all in!

Rick Treworgy, who’s been cultivating a collection of old muscle cars for forty years, made his private enthusiasm into a public project with the opening of Muscle Car City in 2012. The museum, featuring muscle cars spanning 80 years of automotive history, is housed in a Florida Wal-Mart that Treworgy bought for this purpose.

It seems like an expensive hobby, but Treworgy has been making money off his dedicated restoration since 1973. The 225 cars featured in his warehouse-esque museum are just the cars left over from his car restoration business.

In addition to his prized collection, the 99,000-square-foot building houses a gift shop, a store where you can buy restoration parts, a diner, and a service station. 

And the collection itself is impressive even to a non-car-lover, featuring Camaros, Chevelles, El Caminos, Impalas, GTOs, Olds 442s and his beloved Corvettes. 

It’s a popular site for “cruise clubs,” or groups dedicated to amateur car restoration and appreciation.

And while the site isn’t incredibly lucrative for Treworgy, his story is an inspiration to nerds and enthusiasts everywhere, whether you dream of collecting vintage Beanie Babies or lightsabers.

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