China Orders All North Korean Businesses To Close Down, According To Report

After the latest round of UN sanctions against North Korea, the Chinese government has reportedly told North Korean businesses operating in the country to close up shop.

The government has given businesses 120 days (approximately four months) from the day the UN announced its sanctions against joint business ventures with North Korea on September 11th.  There are some exceptions to the rule. Chinese businesses operating in North Korea weren’t ordered to close, and nonprofit businesses and infrastructure projects were allowed to continue. But the sanctions are still a dramatic step, especially in northeast China, where joint businesses between the two nations are common.

This isn’t the only penalty China is leveling against the newly-nuclear nation. As per the recent sanctions, China is banning textile imports from North Korea (the country’s second-largest export), and cutting down on the amount of oil it imports there. As China is responsible for 80 to 90 percent of North Korea’s foreign trade, and the country relies on joint Chinese business to gain valuable foreign currency, the sanctions are projected to hit the country hard.

The North Korean regime sees China’s support of the sanctions as a betrayal of a fellow communist country, and they’ve ordered nuclear demonstrations to embarrass them.

But China hasn’t given up on working with them to achieve stability in the region, and China’s foreign ministry is still attempting to open a diplomatic dialogue between Kim and Trump.

“The Korean Peninsula nuclear issue is related to regional peace and stability,” ministry spokesman Lu Kang said in a recent appearance. “Breaking the deadlock requires all relevant parties to show their sincerity.”

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Even as the sanctions drive a wedge between the two countries, China is attempting to play a diplomatic role in the region, aiming to stave off complete regime collapse.

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