Steven Tyler Cancels Four Aerosmith Shows, Seeking ‘Immediate Care’


Steven Tyler is the lead singer of Aerosmith and the 69-year-old is headed back home after an unexpected illness forced him and his band to cancel the remaining dates of their tour. Aerosmith announced on Facebook and Twitter that they would be canceling the remaining 4 concert dates of the South American part of their AeroVederci tour.

The singer did not specify what illness it was that forced him to go back to the United States, however, he did say that it was not ‘life-threatening.’

The band last performed in Rio, Brazil at Rock on September 21st.

On their Facebook page, the band wrote: ‘unfortunately, due to unexpected medical issues, lead singer, Steven Tyler, is seeking immediate care and has been advised by his doctors that he cannot travel or perform at this time.’


They went on to state that the last four shows around late September to early October would be canceled.


The frontman himself wrote: ‘to everybody in South America…Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico…I’m very sorry and feel like I’ve let you down.’


‘I won’t be able to continue the last four shows of this tour. I flew back to the US on doctor’s orders last night after the show in São Paulo.’


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