Young Boy Builds Tiny House In His Backyard

When you’re a kid, summertime is the best time. You can play with your friends, go camping, play some video games…the world is yours. But sometimes, you get bored of doing the “basic” summer stuff. You want to do something “out of the box”. Which is exactly what one 12-year-old Iowa boy did last summer. One hot summer day, Luke Thill was trying to think of something interesting to do.

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He was tired of playing video games or riding his bike so he decided to build a tiny house in his backyard in Dubuque, Iowa. Luke said in the YouTube video (below), “I was getting really bored during the summer and I got really fascinated with tiny houses.” The video documents Luke’s entire project. “I decided if I worked towards it and made enough money from cutting lawns that I would start to build a tiny house”.

In fact, Luke did more than just cut grass to raise some money for this project. He also bartered some services, like sweeping an electrician’s garage in exchange for help wiring the house. With some help from his dad, Luke managed to finish the 89-square-foot home in just under a year and a half. According to the video, the house is 10 feet long and 5 ½ feet wide and costs about $1,500.

Watching the video, it’s really hard to believe that this young kid was able to build such an adorable looking home. It honestly looks like a home that anyone would love to live in if it wasn’t as small as it is. It’s incredibly impressive.

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