16 Facts About Hugh Hefner You Didn’t Know


On Wednesday, September 27th, Hugh Hefner (aged 91), passed away of natural causes at the Playboy Mansion. The announcement was made by the Playboy Mansion officials and his passing leaves behind a legacy in adult entertainment.

Despite how some might feel about the nature of his work, Hugh Hefner was a pioneer in a lot of different ways, including LGBTQ rights, Civil Rights, and protecting the First Amendment. Hugh believed that freedom of speech and thought was an important part of the American dream.

Here are 16 facts about Hugh Hefner you might not have known, that take a look back at his career, his life, and the empire of adult entertainment that he created.

1. Hugh Hefner Once Worked for Esquire Magazine. His work there included being a copywriter, and apparently, when Hugh was refused a $5.00 raise on his paycheck, he immediately quit the magazine to start his own venture.

2. Shortly after leaving Esquire, Hugh filed for a Mortgage which gave him $600, received over $8,000 from 45 different investors, including $1,000 from his own Mother, who although didn’t condone his plan, had faith in him to succeed in his business.

3. In the early 90s, Hugh bought a burial plot next to Marilyn Monroe in Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery where he is scheduled to be buried, following his memorial service.

4. During WWII, Hugh served as a writer for a military magazine.

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