Nigerian Bread Seller Accidentally Photobombed Pop Star, Ends Up With Modeling Contract


It’s not every day that a street bread seller can end up being a high fashion model. And it’s even less likely when you live in Nigeria and hope to be ‘discovered.’ Well, against all odds, that is exactly what Olajumoke Orisaguna did.

The Nigerian woman was selling bread on the streets and somehow ended up becoming a professional model.

And it all happened by sheer chance too.

It all started with Patrick Okogwu or better yet known by his rap name, Tinie Tempah. Tinie Tempah is an English musician who decided to go back to his motherland of Nigeria in order to get a photo shoot done.

oE1juytp10ByioJWkJ66_tybello7Ty Bello

He hired Ty Bello who is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, philanthropist, and photographer. Ty is not only a renowned photographer but she is also known for her contributions to humanitarian issues such as female equality, peace, and orphan education.

u524dCiyhwScSHJnb8Gq_tybello6Ty Bello

During the photo session, Olajumoke accidentally walked into the shot and was captured in the photograph. With her smooth skin tone and dazzling bright eyes, it is no surprise that she caught the attention of the photographer.

qdnaKe0QWUlOOMl7bXm-_tybello5Ty Bello

Ty later wrote on her Instagram: ‘she just happened to be walking by while I photographed. It happened so fast. She definitely SHOULD be a model.’

jx1l5oG7On1DPhR9p9KD_tiniegram1Ty Bello

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