Psychologists Say That If You Apply This 2-Hour Rule, Your Life Will Change 180°

You’re about to become way more insightful and it’s only going to take a two-hour period once every week.

For a lot of us, we were told throughout childhood not to let our minds wander too far. We needed to pay attention in school and at home in order to succeed and accomplish our goals. Though, if we were to take a look back at some of history’s greats like Albert Einstein, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Charles Darwin, we know that they spent a lot of time in their own heads and reflecting on their ideas.

It’s this very notion of reflective thinking that has psychologists recommending that people spend more time focusing on their ideas and living inside their head a little more often than we were previously told.

A new method called the two-hour rule calls for people to take two hours out of their week, which averages to be about 15-20 minutes a day, to do some reflective thinking. Zat Rana of Business Insider spoke of their two-hour reflection time in an article published on August 27, 2017. Rana wrote that during the two-hour period, it’s important to reflect on questions like where your career is heading, what you can do to quicken the time it will take to achieve your goals, and what opportunities you could be pursuing.

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