Man Discovers Actor Behaving Oddly In Background Of Old Episode Of ‘Cheers’


Cheers is an American sitcom that last aired in May of 1993. It revolves around Sam Malone, who is a laid-back, former relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. He runs a cozy bar in Boston called Cheers. The show centers around Sam, his employee and crush, Diane Chambers, and other wacky characters in Carla, Norm, and Cliff.

However, a recent video posted on Twitter showcased an extra in the background who was a little too still.

TV Writer Graham Linehan posted the video onto Twitter with more questions than answers.

Graham posted a video on Twitter with Coach serving a beer to some customers. In the background, you can see an extra with his mouth slightly agape and completely still.


He captioned the video with: ‘Twitter, this is driving me nuts. The old guy behind Coach, is it a cardboard cutout? He moves in a later shot…’


The video did seem a little weird since, during the 10-second clip, the extra didn’t move at all. And other people on Twitter were intrigued as well.


Lelielle tweeted: ‘maybe he’s zoning out or having a small stroke.’ JM wrote: ‘he’s just got resting drunk face.’ Tess Randles wrote: ‘maybe they forgot to wind him up?’


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