Obamas Plant A Tree And It Inspires A Photoshop Battle That Is Hilarious


Ever since Donald Trump got into Presidency, the internet has been photoshopping him like crazy. Literally, his every move has been turned into some pretty entertaining photos. But now, people are doing a throwback.

That is a throwback to Obama’s style. During his first 100 days of his first term as president, Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama took time to help plant a tree at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in Washington, D.C.

Just looking at the photo, it looks like Michelle is doing most, if not all of it while Barack appears to be standing there, making sure everything is going smoothly. But let’s be real, he’s just rocking that white-button down.

Regardless, people have made fun of the photo in the past, but we think it’s time for a harmless Photoshop battle, thanks to Reddit.

Here’s the original photo. Again, looks like Michelle is hard at work, digging that soil along with the rest of the people while Barack is observing. Look at the background on the left side.

But then, one Redditor decided to turn this positive photo it to something a little more…gloomy. And dark. And depressing. Yeesh.

Then another turned things around and decided to make things a little more festive. It looks so cheerful and snowy!

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