Killer To Receive High-Calorie Meal Of Choice Before Execution


Keith Tharpe is a 59-year-old man who is sentenced to die by lethal injection on September 26 at 7 pm. He is sentenced to death for the murder of his sister-in-law back in 1990 in Mississippi. The death sentence is a day after the 27th anniversary of the murder.

He is the second man to be executed in the state of Georgia this year.

And it seems like, for Keith’s last meal, he has decided to pig out with a high-calorie meal.

It was on September 25, 1990, when Keith intercepted his ex-wife and her sister, Jaquelin Freeman, as they were on their way to work.


Keith blocked their car and pulled Jaquelin out of the vehicle and threw her into a ditch. He proceeded to shoot her three times. He then kidnapped his wife and he later allegedly sexually assaulted her in the car.

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He was finally caught as he was heading to Macon with his ex-wife to withdraw money from her credit union. She was able to call the police which ultimately led to Keith’s arrest.


However, Keith has never been tried for rape and went on trial for the murder of Jaquelin three months after the horrific act.

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