12 Coincidences That You Will Have Trouble Believing Actually Happened

Webster’s Dictionary defines “coincidence” as… no, I’m kidding.

But, coincidences are a crazy thing. We’ve all seen something that can only be described as one-in-a-million or just leave us wishing that we caught the crazy circumstances on camera.

Well, lucky for us all, the good people on Reddit have uploaded a slew of coincidences caught on camera for us to look at and enjoy.

Puppies are pretty adorable, this is just a fact. But these three little guys amped up the adorableness of their existence by having spots to match what order they were born in.

coin2 Reddit/ArkadiusBear

This poor bug was trying to have a nice relaxing time before he accidentally impaled himself on this cactus. The best comments on this photo, however, goes to “what a buzz kill” and “that’s what you get for entering no-fly zone.”

coin 3 Imgur/theslainman

Buying birthday cards can be tough, let’s just admit it. The “funny” ones are just embarrassing half the time and unless you’re the sentimental one in the family, you’re not going for a traditional Hallmark card. Well, clearly this family has the same issue so I guess OP’s two sisters and parents found the only good card that year.

Not sure where this guy lives but I guess this is the style.

coin 5Reddit/superfab96

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