Drone Flies Over Wind Turbine And Captures Rare Event That Has People Laughing

In 2015, a video was released on YouTube of a man in Rhode Island casually flying his drone when he happened upon a 200-foot wind turbine.

Starting at ground-level, the drone pilot slowly had the drone fly to the top of the turbine where he caught on film a man sunbathing at the top.

At first, the stranger didn’t move or even seem to notice that a drone was flying overhead. But, as it made its way closer, he stirred and watched the drone softly fly around him. Back on the ground, the pilot was most likely in awe at this guy who decided to head up 200 feet for a relaxing day. It was evident in the video that the pilot was trying to capture footage to show viewers that, yes, there was a man up there.

The gentleman watched the drone hover on him for a few seconds before he smiled and shrugged. The drone kept his sights on him for few seconds longer before flying off as the stranger watched. The drone then backed away and did a 360 view of the turbine, showing everyone just how high up it was. He also captured the scenery, which was pretty stunning in itself.

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