A Quick History Of The Targaryens, Game Of Thrones’ Most Notorious Family

Big fans of Game of Thrones are pretty well in love with Daenerys Targaryen when she became the heroine who controlled dragons and started standing up for herself. I think it’s best for everyone if we just blow past the revelation that was dropped on us during the season finale and focus on how cool we all thought Daenerys was.

As great as she is, House Targaryen has some interesting history attached to it as well. We got to see Dany form from the controlled sister to present dragon mom but it’s not just her you should be focusing on.

The Targaryen house has a lot of interesting history to it and rather than make you read a 600-page document, we’re gonna sum up their history in a few facts for you.

1. The Targaryens are descendants of the Valyrians who lived in Essos. They share a lot of similar physical traits to them like their pale skin and hair.

2. The Targaryen house also took other traits from the Valyrians, like incestuous relationships. This was meant to keep the bloodline pure.

3. When the Valyrians discovered dragons in their mountains they learned how to control them.

4. The Valyrians destroyed the Ghiscari regime in a series of five wars with their dragons. They expanded their land from there.

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