Pizza Place’s Garbage Gets ‘Inspected’ Daily, Store Owner Tapes Uplifting Note On The Door

Every once in a while we hear inspirational stories about people helping out those who are in need. Whether it be something small like holding the door for someone or something big like giving away a free makeover, these things make a huge difference.

But for the most part, homeless people are usually looked down on or are ignored by the people who walk past them. Lots of people see homelessness as being connected to laziness when in reality many of them are mentally ill or lost everything from tragic events.

However, stories that involve people helping those who are in need bring back a sense of faith in humanity. This particular story will definitely have you a bit teary-eyed, or it’ll inspire you to get up and make a difference in someone else’s life.

Staff members working at Little Caesars in Fargo, North Dakota, notice a man digging through their trash every day.

He would catch staff members looking at him, and they claimed that he looked embarrassed when they’d catch him.

However, staff members simply assumed that the homeless man had no other choice but to feed himself out of their trash.

Staff members couldn’t bear to watch this man continue doing what he was doing. So they typed a note and put it in the window of the store.

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