Tiny Kitten Named Kanga Roo ‘Hops’ Into New Family’s Life And Wins Them Over

In Northern California, a tiny one-pound kitten was dropped off at a shelter to be euthanized. She had radial hypoplasia, which affects the length of a limb, and caused her front legs to be curved in. She had a hard time walking on all fours because of this.

However, a woman named Cheryl spotted the furball in the shelter and contacted Saving Grace Rescue a few weeks later so they could save her. A video was uploaded by the animal sanctuary of Kanga Roo, the name given to the little fighter.

Once the footage was posted on social media channels, her forever home came knocking.

Kanga Roo was soon adopted and once she reached the required two pounds, she was spayed and joined her brothers and sisters.

According to her Facebook page, she now lives with her two human parents, two canine brothers (Brandon and Brownie) and her feline sister, Skittles.

Despite her ailment, Kanga Roo has no trouble living out her life the way any normal cat would. She gets along with her siblings and has the love of viewers everywhere through her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

cat 9 Saving Grace

Kanga Roo’s family is only getting bigger since she became a part of it.

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