Couple Is Told They Have To Take Down Home of Five Years They Had Hidden As A Garage

A London-based couple who disguised their home as a garage has been slapped with a fine over 7,000 euros and has been ordered to tear it down. 68-year-old Peter Hickinbotham and his partner, 55-year-old Jackie Shearsby were found guilty of “deliberate concealment” and breaching planning laws after they built a two-bedroom pad in their garden.

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The home currently existing on their property at Long Itchington, Warks, was to be demolished. The couple moved into the garage five years ago but things changed when they applied to the council to turn it into a “habitable residential dwelling.” Last week they were ordered to pay the Stratford-on-Avon District Council 7, 145.65 euros in court costs last week.

Nuneaton Magistrates Court also made an enforcement order against the couple which will force them to return the building back into a garage. Hickinbotham said that he is very disappointed. “I thought I would have got it through planning but they’ve come up with some […] story about concealment.”

The double garage door fixed to the front of the building simply hides a wall and doesn’t act as an actual entrance. From all other angles, the building has windows, a porch area, and even a pitched roof. Hickinbotham says he is determined to appeal the decision nevertheless.

house4South West News Servica via The Sun

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