9-Year-Old Girl Intimidated By Vegan Activists In Grocery Store Meat Aisle

It’s rare to feel judgment when grocery shopping in a supermarket, but that’s exactly what happened to one mother-of-four after she crossed paths with a group of vegan activists in the meat aisle.

Louise Kirby was doing her regular grocery shop with her children when a group of protesters made the experience so intimidating that one of her daughters suddenly declared herself a vegetarian.

Now, this enraged mother is relaying her “surreal” supermarket experience believing that these activists took things further than necessary to prove their point.

38-year-old Louise Kirby, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, came across a group of 12 vegan protesters waving placards in front of the meat fridges in a local Sainsbury’s. The activists didn’t deter Kirby from picking up items of poultry, but it evidently affected her nine-year-old daughter, Sophie.

“It was really surreal,” Kirby said of the experience. “I had my head in the shelves and told her about some of the bargains they had when she suddenly said, ‘I’m a vegetarian, I don’t eat anything here.’”

Kirby said that she laughed when her daughter randomly declared that she was now a vegetarian, but noticed the intimidating presence of the activists more than ever when she said her daughter, “Don’t be silly, since when?”

“I looked up and at that point, I felt the atmosphere change,” Kirby recalled. “You could cut it with a knife — it was really scary.”

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