6 Disturbing Things Flight Attendants Have Seen On A plane


If you think about how far transportation has come since the Industrial Revolution then you can’t help but marvel at human ingenuity. From the invention of the wheel, to motor vehicles all the way to the modern drone, humans have greatly expanded from the days of walking and riding horses.

Flying has become the new way to travel. Whether it is to go from city to city or country to country, flying is almost always considered the most luxurious and lavish way.

But for those who experience flight on a regular basis, such as flight attendants and pilots, here are some of the most terrifying things that they have experienced while in the air.

On Reddit, a woman by the username of modelgado said: ‘a woman died during a flight, the daughter had her mom’s head in her lap and was stroking her hair.’


‘[When] asked if the mom was okay, all the woman said was ‘oh no, she’s passed on.’’


According to one flight attendant, she said that a man would repeatedly go to the galley (where the flight attendants are) to chat.


She said that this wasn’t anything out of the ordinary since passengers want to chat and stave off boredom.

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