This Is Why Kate And Will’s Third Child Has Women Angry All Over The UK


What might seem like good news to any other family in parts of the world, has some people in the UK up in arms. Recent news of Kate Middleton’s new pregnancy comes at an inopportune time when the political party of the Tories decision to not include a government cost allowance for families with three or more children.

Citizens are challenging the British monarchy, mocking that they are privileged to have a third child, when most women on welfare or struggling with personal finances cannot get a break when having another baby.

The exception to this rule, of course, comes in the form of extreme circumstances such as rape or abusive relationships, where the mother has no control over her situation.

Kensington Palace recently announced the upcoming pregnancy for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, letting everyone know that the world would get another royal baby.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first pregnancy with Prince George, filled the world with joy and wonder. Now, after the birth of Princess Charlotte, the royal couple have announced they’re having a third child to marked protest.

Twitter user Corbyn for PM, points out a very obvious fact, reminding everyone about the vast divide that exists between the upper class and the lower class.

Another user, sianushka, reminds us about how the tax credit cannot be issued for a third baby unless she can prove that foul play is involved.

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