Photos That Show Size Small And 3X Women Can Make The Same Outfit Look Fantastic

Women are commonly pitted against each other in “who wore it best” competitions, so it’s refreshing to see two women wearing the same outfit with neither one of them brought down for it. A plus-sized model recently did a photoshoot in the same bathing suit as the xs model the suit is featured on online to highlight both women’s unique beauty.

Alexa Phelece, model and social media personality, donned the bathing suit for an event that she hosted. While she loved the suit, she felt some insecurities about wearing it, especially after looking at the super-skinny (and super-photoshopped) model the website showed. But instead of letting it stop her, she donned the suit for photos, and put a comparison up on Instagram to show her followers.

She started out her post by listing the differences between them, but then emphasized their similarities: “Both are models – both are wearing the same swimsuit – LET’s NOT FORGET: BOTH are beautiful – BOTH should be treated equally – both should be able to love their bodies.” And while we’re on a roll, why not look at eight other things that look good on women regardless of their size, featuring Phelece’s gorgeous Instagram photos?

1. Horizontal stripes: It’s a persistent myth that larger women shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes, but looking at this comparison, it should be obvious that it’s, well, a myth. Both women look gorgeous, and I bet Phelece would be able to rock that orange polo dress too!

2. Bright Prints: We’ve got two great takes on the same look here: Phelece’s is bright and in-your-face (especially paired with the bold lip!) and the other woman’s is soft and almost nostalgic. Editorial Team

3. Crop Tops: “Blah blah plus sized women shouldn’t” – well, cry harder, babies, because Phelece’s summer beach look is just as lovely as the seventies-inspired look to the left (if I’m being honest, maybe a little lovelier, but just because I like her dark-wash denim).

crop Editorial Team

4. Double Denim: Look, I know that double denim is technically a fashion faux pas on anyone but 1. don’t they look great here? and 2. no one can stop me from wearing my denim Hawaiian shirt with jeans and a jean jacket, so help me God. Editorial Team

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