Human Ken Doll Shares What He Looked Like Before All The Surgery

If you haven’t heard of him before, Rodrigo Alves is quickly becoming a household name with his dramatic transformation to the likeness of the famous Ken Doll from Mattel.

To date, Rodrigo has had over 58 operations, including liposuction, face lifts, breast reduction, six-pack implants, Botox injections, and even had several life-threatening infections from botched injection procedures to enhance his muscles.Recently, Rodrigo even had a scare with his latest rhinoplasty procedure as the tissues in his nose started to infect.

Featured on the TV show Botched, professionals explained that there was so much scar tissue, that attempting to repair the nose would result in necrotic tissue and it would fall off. Rodrigo, never quite satisfied with his looks, shares how dramatic his transformation has become with photos from his past.


Rodrigo Alves now, shows off all of the work has has done with his swimsuit photo shoot. His pores have been vaporized shut using an intense Co2 skin treatment, his pectoral and ab muscles have been implanted, and his facial features are chiseled to a point where they can no longer be operated on.

The photos shared by Rodrigo, show how vastly different his body had been before, with an intimate look at his features before his procedures.

Seen here, Rodrigo undergoes yet another vast transformation to have his muscles injected with a gel fillers procedure that would later infect and cause three weeks of paralysis.

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Rodrigo shared photos of how he looked as just a boy, and it’s hard to believe the dramatic transformation that would define who he is as an adult.

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