Where You Should Take Shelter During a Nuclear Attack

I want to preface this article by telling you that I am by no means trying to scare anyone or convince you to go and board up your windows as soon as you finish this piece. I mean that.

However, no one can deny that President Trump and Kim Jong Un have been butting heads recently and threatening war on one another.

On August 8, a North Korean military spokesman said that any plans to devise a war against North Korea would be met with “a just all-out war of wiping out all the strongholds of the enemies, including the U.S. mainland.”

On September 6, Robin Wright of The New Yorker published an article, “What Would War with North Korea Look Like?” and spoke to several experts on the subject in order to share just how deadly a war with them would be.

Among those experts were retired General Gary E. Luck, Major General James (Spider) Marks, and Mark Fitzpatrick.

nuke 9Maria Cruz

She reported that Fitzpatrick, the executive director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies office in Washington warned citizens that North Korea would not go down lightly.

He added that North Koreans believes “the Kim dynasty is deity-like and Americans are the source of all evil.”

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