Someone Noticed This Detail About ‘The Dark Knight’ Batman Movie

Ready to feel super old? It’s been almost a decade since The Dark Knight came out in theatres. But it stills remains to be one of the most popular films made. People still enjoy watching it and can’t get over Heath Ledger’s acting.

You’ve probably seen the movie more than ten times but I bet you didn’t notice one hilarious detail a guy tweeted out that seems to get people in the Twitter world in hysterics.

It’s the one when the Joker sneaks into a hospital dressed up as a nurse and tries to kill wounded Harvey Dent. It’s Aaron Eckhart’s (who played Dent) reaction to the joker that people are focusing on and it’s pretty hilarious.

Some find it funny that Dent had no idea it was the joker and not an actual nurse that was standing in front of him. Only until Joker took off the surgical mask.

One person tweeted, “oh hey nurse clown-makeup didn’t see you there-GASP OH MY OH JEEZ WHAT A TWIST WHO COULD’VE SUSPECTED–”

While another tweeted out, “Sure it’s fine, just a gothic nurse”. I mean who knows, Dent might have just been super out of it and didn’t notice?

Another twitter user decided to be more understanding about the situation and wrote, “guess he didn’t care who he was…until he took off the mask”.

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