Man Finds Walt Disney Stock In His Great Uncle’s Safe

Exploring old personal belongings can lead to findings you never thought possible. Sometimes when I do a full spring cleaning of my room I find something that I thought I lost months ago. And sometimes exploring through other people’s personal belongings (with permission) can lead to some pretty cool findings too.

In a story posted on Imgur, user 70becks told the story of finding Walt Disney stock in their great uncle’s old safe. The safe was located on the original poster’s family farmhouse in the basement. The old house is slated to be torn down, so naturally they were pulling out anything and everything of value.

Apparently no one in the family is sure how long the safe has been there or who the original purchaser was (though the original posters grandfather claims it was his father who bought it). In attempt to get the safe out of the basement, 70becks and a friend tried to pull it upstairs with a furniture dolly but they were unsuccessful. A few weeks later, 70becks and their father came back “with the big guns” to get the safe out of the house.

They made a ramp out of 1×12’s screwed together with 1×1’s on the back to catch all treads and prevent slipping.

But they knew that man power alone wouldn’t be enough to pull the safe up the stairs so they attached a tow strap to a chain in order to pull it up the stairs and around the corner with a skid loader.

70becks and their dad originally had the safe on a dolly and they tied the tow strap to that a few different ways hoping they could pull it up but nothing worked. After the fourth try, finally the rig worked. The safe weighed somewhere between 800 and 1000 lbs, making it an impossible two man lift job.

Finally, the two got it into 70becks’ garage without much effort. They cleaned it off a bit and they received the original manufacturer’s sheet with combo-lock on it by 70becks’ grandfather. 70becks claimed that the lock design was “unlike any” they had ever seen before and without their grandfather’s help they could’ve never opened it.

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