Lady Gaga Shows The World Her Chronic Pain In New Netflix Documentary

In a new documentary coming to Netflix on September 22, Lady Gaga talks about her life off-stage as she deals with chronic pain, heartbreak, and the creation of her new album.

Gaga: Five Foot Two chronicles the life of the pop star behind the scenes so viewers can get a better look into her life. One of the biggest things she chose to discuss in her upcoming film is her methods for dealing with chronic pain.

Gaga has discussed her struggles before, having posted two photos to her Instagram page detailing her treatments. Her various methods have included infrared sauna and acupuncture, which were shown in her shared photos in addition to having some of her treatment shown in the Netflix trailer.

Gaga and Chris Moukarbel, director of the film, shared their thoughts when they attended a press conference in Toronto ahead of the premiere at TIFF.

Moukarbel described how difficult it was to film when Gaga was in noticeable pain but she insisted that he continue filming.

He added that Gaga is aware many others suffer from chronic pain, which is why she wanted her story to be documented.

She is not even sure how to deal with it, and that’s a reality,” he continued.

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