Fox News Storm Reporter Accidentally Interviews The Smartest Man Alive

There’s been a lot of news around recent storms that have been happening in the United States. People have really been prepping for it and doing everything they can to be safe. Many of us know the steps to take to ensure safety. But what a lot of us might not know is the specifics of how a serious storm happens or why it happens…generally the science behind the storm.

That is unless you are into learning things about the weather and climate. Various news reports have been following the storm and keeping people up-to-date. They also occasionally interview people who are dealing with it. Usually, when asked about the storm, people give a simple answer regarding their thoughts.

But recently, a Fox News storm reporter got a little more than he bargained for this past Sunday when he interviewed a Miami man who had decided not to evacuate. The reporter asked him, “What do you think about the storm, the power, the ferocity, the risk to your own safety at this point?”.

Most people would just respond with a general answer, not getting into much detail. Not this man. He gave an in-depth answer, involving specific details about precise directions and current locations and his idea of where exactly the storm appears to be heading.  

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