16 Minimalist Tattoos That Will Have You Booking Your Visit To The Tattoo Parlour Soon


Minimalist tattoos are some of the latest in body-art trends. Some people even revert to a traditional Stick’N’Poke method that has become more popular in recent years, however tattoos should always be done by a registered professional.

Tattoos are some of the oldest art known to man, dating back as far as 3100 BC. The word itself originates from 18th century Polynesia, meaning ‘to write.’

Now, we do far more than writing. Our tattoos have deep meaning, and for us who want to make a more simplified statement these 16 minimalist tattoos will get you thinking about your next fresh ink!

1. Little Cactus: This little cactus tattoo is both cute, elegant and downright fun. Perhaps this tattoo is a great reminder to signify a great vacation to mexico? Either way it’s really cute.

2. Teeny Space: This tattoo is out-of-this-world. It almost has a watercolour-like appearance with a hint of red and blue, and could be a symbol of the inner dreamer in all of us.

t2Instagram | chun_poke

3. The Scorpion: Tattoos can have various meanings, but they could also be warnings. Perhaps this person thought to warn her future lovers that she can give you a nasty sting.

4.  Musical Notes: For those who can actually read sheet music, musical notation is a great way to express yourself. This tattoo shows the bars for the song hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.

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