The Third Royal Baby May Completely Change British Succession History

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have broken the Internet again via their third pregnancy announcement. The announcement of a third royal pregnancy bought fans and worshippers of the royals much excitement but apparently William and Kate’s third child could have an impact on British monarchical history.


In 2013 The Succession to the Crown Act was put in place; the act was created in to finally end the patriarchal tradition of having male offspring take precedence over their sisters in the chain of succession. While the Succession to the Crown Act was written up four years ago, it didn’t actually come into effect until two years ago.

And now, with the announcement of William and Kate’s upcoming third baby, the Succession to the Crown Act actually holds some future relevance. Thanks to the act, a female child (Princess Charlotte) can effectively “hold” her place in line for the throne even if her future sibling is male.

The British Monarchy is pretty well known for having some strict rules. One example includes a list of popular toys that their kids are banned from playing with. The list typically includes technological gadgets that are more suited to adults than children. The royals prefer their children to be playing with low-tech toys and leave the gadgets for when their children are older.


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