Photos That Will Change The Way You Think About Calories


When it comes to losing weight and overall health, it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon that consists of people counting calories and cutting food so they don’t exceed their daily requirement. But maybe it’s not as simple as we make it out to be.

Cutting your calorie intake doesn’t always been cutting down your portion size, it’s being aware of the amount of calories in the food and realizing if that food is actually healthy for your body. For example, you could be eating a type of peanut butter that contains 100 calories per scoop. So you decide to cut down your scoops, but there could be an even healthier brand of peanut butter that contains the same portion but has 5 less grams of fat.

Read on for more examples of foods that will change the way you look at calories.

Almonds vs. Fruit Pastels: Naturally when you look at this photo you’re automatically thinking that the almonds are the first choice for most. Both contain the exact same amount of calories, but the almonds contain loads of nutrients and will keep you fuller for long periods of time. But, if you’re someone who has a diet that consists of a ton of healthy foods, you might take the fruit pastels. Why? Maybe you want something that will make you happy, which is a big part of staying healthy.

Milk Chocolate vs. Dark Chocolate: This photo contains 100g of both, but as you can see, the calories for each are different. Most people don’t know but dark chocolate actually contains more calories than milk chocolate. Yes the calorie intake is higher than milk chocolate, but dark chocolate contains less sugar, more fiber and iron than milk chocolate.


Crisps vs. Crisps: Both bowls contain 40g of crisps. The bowl on the left contains salt and vinegar, and the bowl on the right is mixed root vegetable. Although the difference between the calories is small, you were probably thinking that the root vegetable bowl would contain less calories. This is just to point out that sometimes there isn’t much difference between the product that is deemed the “healthy alternative” and the real thing.

Water vs. Water: Yes we all know that the taste of water can be pretty bland at times, unless you’re dehydrated, than it’s the best tasting thing on the face of this earth. But for those who like their flavored water, did you ever think for a second that it would contain calories? Well surprise, it does!


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