Pictures Capture The Precise Moment Soon-To-Be-Dad Finds Out Wife Is Pregnant

There are certain milestones in life that need to be captured and immortalized. One of them is when a parent finds out that their partner is having a baby. The excitement of that moment is truly special and there is nothing more precious than witnessing their utter joy.

The reactions are always priceless. Some look as if they have been stunned while others betray every emotion possible on their face. One soon-to-be-mother decided to tell her husband that she is pregnant in a very creative way

Instead of the traditional gifting of a baby item, this mom set up a photoshoot to announce to her husband that they are pregnant. She posted the photos online and people fell in love with the idea.

Chelsie Morales has known that she wanted to surprise her husband Will this way from the moment that she found out that she was pregnant. She enlisted the help of her high school friend, photographer Kara Fishbaugh who owns Kara Quinn Photography to take photos of the couple.

Together they devised the plan without her husband’s knowledge. The surprise was to take place at Standing Bear Lake near Omaha, Nebraska. In an interview with Scary Mommy, Fishbaugh states that “The announcement was all Chelsie’s idea…”

Fishbaugh continues: “Together, we orchestrated the entire shoot down to the minute she was able to reveal the news. Will thought they won a photo shoot and he was already SO excited about just that.”

She claims, “He REALLY had no idea what he was in for. Like I said before, he thought they had won a photo shoot! I put together a fake email congratulating them on their win so he had no reason to think anything different!”

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