Jennifer Aniston Talks About Viral Theory On Why Ross Was The Worst Man On Friends

Friends. Who didn’t love that show? A better question is who openly admitted that they didn’t like that show on account of not wanting to be thrown out of the friend group? Don’t lie. You know you wanted to give a three-hour lecture to any non-fan about why they were wrong. Either that or you were waiting with one of these:

It’s crazy to think that the show has been over for 13 years but a ton of us still debate over whether Ross and Rachel were on a break. It’s even crazier to think that someone went on a 100-tweet long rant about why Rachel should have ended up with Joey.

Before I continue I just want to warn people of obvious spoilers. You may not think they’re necessary after all this time but I have friends who are literally just starting the series so…

@kaneandgriffin opened their discussion by flat-out admitting that they hate Ross, calling him one of television’s worst men. The first 50-60 tweets drag Ross for never being a supportive boyfriend, treating Rachel as if she was always his inferior, and seeing Rachel as his trophy that he earned over so many years of unrequited love. The author then takes a tweet to compose themselves and shift over to Joey and Rachel who, in their opinion, should have wound up together.

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