Eight Years After Michael Jackson’s Death, Paris Shares Rare Picture Of The King Of Pop

Although it’s been nearly 8 years since his untimely death, it’s still It’s hard to believe that the King of Pop is actually gone. Many are left wondering how it all happened, and we’re looking forward to his material Michael Jackson’s iconic style and music is absolutely legendary. His legacy fortunately lives on in his children and family.

Paris Jackson was born in 1998 and the second child in the Jackson family. Now, at age 19, she is a heavy advocate of mental health awareness, political activism, and very active on social media. Although she doesn’t necessarily have the same dance moves and talents that her father had, she is doing her best to try and help the world as he once did.

On what would be Michael Jackson’s’ 59th birthday, Paris shared a rare photo of her and her father on her Instagram account:

The tender moment caught on camera, shows a very young Paris kissing her father Michael. He is wearing one of his most iconic outfits, including the sequined glove that quickly became a signature look.

1.Paris Jackson | Instagram

Paris, now age 19 remains active in the global arena. She has traveled around the world to less fortunate countries, spreading love wherever she can.

Paris Jackson is also a practicing Buddhist, travelling to many countries to practice her faith, and learn practices for meditation.

Paris and her father Michael were close. Paris shares her love for her father on her Instagram account, remarking how long the 8 years without him has been for her.

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