8 Sexist Marriage Customs From India That Need To Be Banned


Tradition has long been a concept that we hold dearly to our hearts. Regardless of whatever culture one is from, we tend to abide by some traditional or cultural rules that may be a little bit antiquated. And most of these old school rules tend to be a little patriarchal.

From having a bias to boys to the use of dowry, there are more than a couple of traditional rules that are a little sexist in nature.

But here are 10 Indian marriage customs that are sexist and biased.

Kanyadaan is a tradition that is a part of most Indian weddings. It literally means giving the daughter away but according to old Hindu, it means the ‘gift of virginity’ or ‘gifting a maiden.’

Maharani WeddingMaharani Wedding

It is tradition to consider the ‘duty’ of the daughter being passed from parents to groom. This is obviously sexist in nature in many ways but one of the more obvious one pertains to the treatment of women as property.

The Odyssey OnlineThe Odyssey Online

Kashiyatra is a tradition that is widely used in South India. It is essentially a mock play whereby the man makes a decision between married life and the pursuit of an education and knowledge.

Shubhankar Wedding InvitationsShubhankar Wedding Invitations

Although this is considered to be a fun event, why is it only the male who gets to make a choice and why is it that the man needs persuading to marriage and not vice versa?


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