16 Scary Pics of Spain’s Growing Desert You Can Show A Climate-Change Denier

The Tagus river in Spain is in serious danger of drying as climate change affects the country.

The Tagus River is the largest in the Iberian peninsula, which is mainly split between Portugal and Spain. It stretches over 1,000 km and empties into the Atlantic Ocean. What was once a thriving river soon turned into nothing more than cracked soil and alarming photos of beach dwellers overlooking the river’s depletion.

A study published in the October 2016 issue of Science warned that climate change would turn Spain into a desert by the year 2100. In The Guardian’s 2016 article, “Climate change rate to turn southern Spain to desert by 2100, report warns,” they also specify how climate change has already warmed the region by more than the global average.

Climate change plays a large role in the disappearance of Tagus but human activity is also to blame.

Joel Guiot, the lead author of the Science study, discussed how humans have devastated the area and will continue to do so if things don’t change soon.

Guiot warned how human impact would worsen the condition due to deforestation.

Spain 6wikimedia commons

You change the vegetation cover, the albedo, the humidity in the soil, and you will emphasize the drought when you do that,” he said.

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