You Might Think There Are No Dumb Questions, But These Might Be An Exception


There’s an old saying you may have heard once. It goes “there are no dumb questions.” However, every so often you get a real stinker of a question, and you might be left feeling awkward, scared, and confused.

We’ve all been there. You’re faced with a situation, and someone in your group raises such an obvious question, that you find yourself cupping your hands over your mouth, trying not to laugh.

It’s almost like you want to reach out to the person, slap them across the head, and shout “did you really just ask me that?” Fortunately for them, we’re calm, cool and collected. The following are several instances, where someone asked maybe the dumbest question on the planet, and we are left scratching our heads at their ridiculous logic.

1. In 1492 Columbus Motor Boated the Ocean Blue:  In my high school class in the 90s, the teacher showed us a picture of Columbus’s three ships. A girl who was 15 in my class, asked: “What are those white things on top of the ship?” The teacher explained that they are sails, used to catch the wind and move the ships. Girl pipes up “that’s stupid! Why didn’t they just use the motors?” Everyone in the class including the teacher proceeded to facepalm. (Reddit user: lachesis99)


2. The Freshwater Pacific Coast: I was whitewater rafting in Massachusetts with a friend. A chatty woman behind us struck up a convo during a calm stretch and asked where we were from. We told her Vancouver, BC. She said it must be nice for us spending time on the water because “you probably don’t have any beaches or anything like this in Vancouver.” We tell her we’re on the Pacific coast, so the water was basically in our backyard. The woman then asks us “Oh. The Pacific… is that salt water?” (Reddit user: NoUserOnlyZuul)

3. The “Evening” Cave: We were about 1 mile into a cave system when a group of friends and I stop to take a small break. It was around 10:00 pm at night, so very dark when we entered the cave. When we stopped, the youngest of our group (23-year-old guy with a college degree) asks with complete seriousness if they could come back in the morning so they could see in the cavebetter. (Reddit user: 5meterhammer)

4.  Sun… Moon… What’s the Difference?: A friend said to me once “When you see the sun and the moon at the same time, is the moon the reflection from the sea in space?” I didn’t know what they were talking about so after some investigating I realized that she thought the sun and the moon were the same things. Just that the moon was not “on fire” at night. (Reddit user: deleted)

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