Sims Players Reveal The Most Inappropriate Things They Did In The Game


Have you ever wished you could live a different life? To live out scenarios that you wouldn’t normally get to experience in reality? The Sims computer game lets you do just that.

The Sims allowed users to log on to the game, and become whoever they wanted to be. For those that don’t know, the Sims game was a spin-off game from the original Simcity Franchise, that had a long decade of success. You could build and design your own cities, complete with waterways, electricity, residential areas, etc. What The Sims hoped to achieve was allow users to build wonderful lives. It was a great escape for anyone who felt like they needed to live a fantastic life outside of reality. Whether it was woo-hooing whomever you pleased, living a life of absolute luxury, or even just recreating scenarios in your own life to see what the outcome might have been.

What sims creators hadn’t anticipated was how hilarious and mischievous their users would become. The following are 24 confessions from different Sims players about the most inappropriate things they did while playing the game:

1. GOODBYE: I make a lot of friends with my sims, and invite them over. I lead them into a room in my backyard. The room has a fridge, sink, toilet, and bed. Then my sim leaves and I delete the door. I have 10+ sims in there, and I’m waiting for more people to come over. I want the whole city in there! After a while the sims decide they want to leave and keep saying “goodbye!” while waving, but since they can’t leave it’s just a monotonous chant of them saying goodbye goodbyeGOODBYE! It’s hilarious. (Reddit user: PM_ME_UR_BELLYBUTON)

2. Sims Eugenics: First I would create the perfect man with six different female archetypes. Then I would build a home for all of them to live in, which had a central chamber and six identical rooms with a two-person bed, nice paintings, and a baby crib. Then I had him impregnate all of them. When the babies were born I used a cheat to make them all adults and to see which of the offspring turn out to be the hottest, then killed the rest. (Reddit user: 7ang)

3. The Water Experiment: I once had a family and made them all deathly afraid of water. I built a custom lab in the mountains and put the children in the basement with half a cell with only a toilet. The other half of the cell was a fridge, however, a pool of water lay in between. If they could get over their fears, they could swim across and get some food when they were hungry. But they’d have to swim back to use the toilet. When child services came for the kids, I locked her in with my experiments as well. She performed great. I don’t play the sims anymore. (Reddit user: cryfox)

4. Hillary Clinton lost Survivor: I was a fan of Survivor at the time, so I created a Survivor-themed household, surrounding it with a moat so nobody could leave. I created sims based off pop culture icons and selected a luxury item per player. Every three days I would tally everyone’s friendship status and the one with the lowest would be thrown in the moat to drown. On day one, my Hillary Clinton sim picked up an electric guitar and played it for hours. She was really bad at it, and the sims booed her as she struggled to figure out basic chords. She was the first one off the island. (Reddit user: Gayfesh)


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