Parents Are Heartbroken After Daughter Passed Away When She Took A Drug She Thought Was Ecstasy

A British girl recently died in hospital after taking a mystery tablet at a music festival, and her parents have started a campaign to make teens think twice before using drugs.

Amy Vigus, 20, was attending the Elrow Town music festival in London with friends when she took a pill she believed was MDMA. However, she became violently ill moments after taking it, and was “fainting and throwing up” on her way back to her home in Colchester. When her parents woke up in the morning, they found her unconscious, and attempted to give her CPR before taking her to Colchester General Hospital.

Although she was treated immediately on entering the ICU, she went into a coma and died days later.Heartbroken, her parents wanted to make something good out of the situation. So they filmed a tribute video to their daughter, hoping to steer other teens away from making the same decisions as her.

The video features images of Amy from happier times, with a voice-over thought to be provided by Vigus’ cousin.

As the images flash by on the screen, the voiceover praises Amy’s positive qualities, then describes the events that happened on the last night of her life.

It mentions her taking the unknown drug “in a moment of madness,” and that, moments later, she “began to pay for her mistake.”

The video finishes by asking viewers in a similar situation to “stop and think about our Amy and the consequences of her mistake on herself the family she has left behind”.

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