Grandmother Who ‘Accidentally Destroyed’ 40 Million Dollar Winning Lotto Ticket Has Died

hinte-507010 Emily Pollock

“Lotto Gran” Susanne Hinte, who became famous after claiming to have put a lottery ticket through the wash, has died at age 49. The grandmother of four, who attempted to claim a £33 million jackpot by presenting a barely-legible ticket last year, is believed to have died of heart failure in her home.

Hinte had been in the spotlight since her attempt at claiming the jackpot last year, but opinions were divided as to whether she had intentionally faked the ticket. After someone else brought the winning ticket forward, many thought she had deliberately faked her ticket, while others believed that she had made an honest mistake.

Honest or not, Hinte was crucified by the press, and tabloid photographers frequently invaded her privacy. The stress of being, “Britain’s most hated woman” was intense, and early this year, Hinte said, ‘I wanted to be dead. I couldn’t understand why all of a sudden I was hated by so many people. I didn’t do anything wrong.’

While she had achieved fame (and even several modeling deals!) because of her experience, she told the Sun, ” I am trying to make a positive out of a negative situation.”

Paramedics responded to reports of a woman in cardiac arrest at the semi-detached house she shared with her son, but Hinte was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Hinte had always had health difficulties, including an enlarged heart that made it difficult for her to walk for a long time.

The police believe that there is no foul play involved and that Hinte’s death was due to these health complications.

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