Comedian Makes An Observation About The Irony In One Of Trump’s Latest Tweets About Hurricane Harvey

With half of his nation on fire and half under water, Trump took to Twitter last week to reassure Americans that he was relying on expert testimony. On August 27th, Trump tweeted that “experts have said they’ve never seen one like this [Hurricane Harvey]!” In response, an online political commentator pointed out the irony of his tweet.

Harvey, which has been stuck in place longer than any previous hurricane, is indeed incredibly unique. But Jess Dweck thinks he’s missing the mark on why the storm is unique. Responding to his tweet the same day, Dweck said, “It’s almost as if climate … changed.”

Trump famously does not believe in climate change, and in a 2012 tweet, opined that “the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive”. But while we can’t that Hurricane Harvey was strengthened by climate change, scientists say that rising average temperatures over the last decade have strengthed hurricanes and contributed to droughts.

As usual, Twitter had a field day with Trump’s tweet, and the response. 

Some highlighted the difference between Trump’s use of experts in the current situation and his refusal to listen to experts on climate change.

Some mention the irony of Trump doing everything he can to deal with the current situation while ignoring its causes.

And while some believed that it was bad form to bring up politics during a national disaster, climate change believers had a sharp retort ready.

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