13-Year-Old Girl Savagely Turns Down Boy And She Becomes Twitter’s New Hero

Let’s be real. It doesn’t take too much for people on Twitter to drag someone once they’ve embarrassed themselves. Twitter’s roast masters have made it their duty to poke fun at those who drop the ball and the internet is a funnier, albeit more ruthless, place for it.

This kid recently fell prey to Twitter after the young girl he was trying to seduce stopped him in his tracks and called him out for hitting on, like, five other girls. Her sister posted the screenshot to her Twitter page where it’s been favorited over 100,000 times and retweeted over 400,000 times. Naturally, people had a field day.

GIFS of Nicki Minaj hair flipping and crying laughing emojis flooded in as people shared their support for the girl who stood up for herself and called his kid out on his crap. People also insulted his wanting to stay “layol” to her. In case you’re wondering, that’s “loyal” backward. 

Don’t ask me why he spelled it like that. Maybe he thought it was code.

Now there may be someone out there somewhere who feels bad for Jojo getting roasted.

But none of those people were on Twitter.

Or at the very least their tweets got buried under the ones posting GIFs of people applauding.

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