Here’s The Really Good Reason Why Los Angeles Is Painting Its Streets White


The city of Los Angeles has recently been battered with some severe bouts of extremely hot temperatures. It has gotten as hot as 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and many residents are trying to come up with unconventional methods to combat this ever intensifying heat. So recently, residents have employed a new method to ‘cool the pavement.’

This method involves some rather big paintbrushes and a lot of white paint.

As we know, white and light colors tend to reflect heat whereas dark colors absorb heat.

That’s why it is advised to wear darker colors in the winter to preserve heat and lighter colors in the summer to deflect heat.

We Like L.A.We Like L.A.

So using this same strain of logic, the residents of L.A. have decided to cover 15 streets with an asphalt-based paint-like substance that is supposed to cool down the streets.


This pilot project hopes to cover the entire streets with all white so that rather than absorbing the heat and transmitting it back to residents and homes, it will hopefully decrease the overall temperature by deflecting the heat.

white-streets-heat-climate-change-los-angeles-2LA Street Services

The streets are supposed to drop about 11 to 13 degrees Fahrenheit and this will in turn also help cool down the surrounding buildings, stores and houses as well.

white-streets-heat-climate-change-los-angeles-1LA Street Services

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